15 Great Hair Salon Services Pricing

Hair salons are a growing section of the service industry offering a wide range of services including tanning, massages, hairdo, etc. Suppose you are looking to invest or expand your salon. In that case, there are vital aspects that you need to focus on, the main one being your customer – service provider relationship to ensure a return customer.

Another thing that will help boost your salon business is improving your hair salon menu. This article focuses on some of the best services you can add to your menu to increase your returns. The article also discusses hair salons prices list for different hair salon services. Having the best price range on your hair salon pricing menu will positively affect your returns at the close of business.

Before talking about hair salon services, it is best to venture out a little on the need for better price ranges for services you offer. You should be aware that pricing for any products in any industry is entirely dependent on several factors like location, specialty and demographic aspects of the target market.

Why you need to focus on your service pricing strategy

There are some key reasons you should focus on optimizing your service and ‘menu’ list for pricing:

Make it easy to equate prices to services

Most hair salon owners without a price list are usually forced to reduce their charges incurring losses to maintain a relationship with the clients. Discounting yourself may seem like a good way of retaining clients but in the long run, is a huddle in your business’ growth.

Having a price list that clients can browse through before receiving their service makes it easy for the salon owner to communicate to the client and come to a good arrangement where both parties win. This will also help you maintain a competitive environment for your staff and business.

Help yourself boost sales

Clients often end up asking for more services than they originally intended. Having a visible price list that displays all your services can attract the client to try out other options on your menu.

Mixing high ticket services with others simple and fast can produce excellent results, increasing your revenue with clients opting to get more of these services on top of their appointments. Providing extra services for your clients allows you to charge more while increasing the level of services you offer.

Allows you to attract new clients

Having a visible service price list lets you update the prices over time, adding new services to your salon’s menu. Offering new services will attract new clients willing to try out the latest options on your menu. Your services mirror the kind of service you offer, hence it is best to stay on top of trending services on the market.

Putting your services on online platforms also helps attract a specific client base. This is because most clients would prefer going the extra mile to get the specific service you offer.

Having a great salon name and slogan for your business can really go a long way for branding and build a client base faster!

Promoting hair salons prices list

Hair salon pricing list says a lot about your establishment. It would be best to put in place the right strategies to market your service and price list to optimize the services you offer. To be able to reach a huge market base, it is wise to explore both digital platforms and printable price lists.

It would be best if you made your list available at strategic locations to reach a wider audience; this is for both printed lists and online price lists. Within your salon, you can either give clients published lists as they wait for their appointment. You can discuss various options on the list with the client when delivering your service.

Making a list available makes it easy for clients to browse through your services, acting as a marketing agent for your business.

You should definitely figure out your menu before opening your salon – but you can always expand on it later on!

Hair salon services you could offer

Hair-cutting and trimming services this is probably the oldest services offered by salons world over. It would be best to make your hair cutting services stand out compared to your competitors within your service area. When determining the price of hair cutting factors like demand and experience play a significant role.

1)Men cuts

This service varies from salon to salon with the standard price starting at $40. This service includes washing the head, massaging the scalp and styling.

2) Women cuts

Most women desire a look that brings their features while enhancing their beauty. The stylist is tasked with styling, cutting, washing massaging and blow-drying for the best look. These services have standard pricing of $50, varying from one establishment to another.

3) Children’s cut

This service has standard pricing of $25 offering shampooing and cuts for children under the age of ten.

Unique haircuts- different people have different head and face shapes requiring specialized cutting and attention. Stylists use customized techniques; these techniques require additional skills and mastery making them exceptionally pricey. These services have standard pricing of $65.

4) Hair coloring

Many clients visit the salon to try out new colors to bring out a new look. Previously, people only concentrated on hiding grey hair shying away from taking on bold colors. With the modern age and trends, people are experimenting with new styles copying celebrities.

Colours like balayage and blond are what is currently trending. It would be best if you equip your salon with an expert stylist capable of trying out new colours.

5) All over color

This service involves using a solid colour to paint hair from the root to tip. Stylists usually include the blow-dry style when applying colour. The standard pricing for this service is $80.

6) Color re-touch

Over time, hair grows, thus needing a little work. This service ensures uniform colour by painting regrowth areas using blow-dry style. The service has standard pricing of $70.

7) Partial foils

This service uses gloss and blow-dry styles to create dimensional colours on the crown and front hair using foils—the services fiches standard pricing of $100.

8) Balayage and foilayage

Foilayage employs a unique method using foils to give the same look as balayage. Balayage involves hand-painting highlights to realize a more soft and natural look. This specialized service has a standard price tag of $155.

9) Hairstyling service

There is an excellent pool of options in styling currently circulating on social media. Thanks to technological marvels, you can browse online to view the current hairstyling trends to provide your clients with unique and outstanding looks. People are always on their social media accounts posting about their new looks, take advantage of this hype by giving your clients a unique look that is bound to attract attention. This can also be a marketing strategy if you service social media influencers for their events.

10) Up-do and Special occasions

Your salon can offer specialized services for specific events and occasions. This service involves particular tools and products to work along with the client’s vision. This service may cost you a standard charge of $65.

11) Bridal styling

Tthe D-day for every bride is probably the most precious day of their lives. For this day, your stylists need to come up with a unique and customized look for the bride to bring out the day’s joy. It is prudent to consult before the wedding day the bride’s vision and concept in order to come up with the right look. This service has a standard tag of $75.

12) Blow out

This comes after cleaning the client’s hair and scalp massage; the stylist then uses blow-dryer and brush to put an icing to the cake. Your stylist could use hot equipment to finish off at an extra charge. The service attracts a standard fee of $30.

13) Hair treatment services

Just like any other part of the body, your hair needs attention and treatment from time to time, depending on its condition. There is a wide range of hair treatment products with different brands dictating the specific procedure for use.

14) Strengthening hair

This involves using protein-based treatment products to repair and strengthen damaged hair. You may include the blow-dry style when to apply the treatment to score some extra cash. This service may cost $45.

15) Deep conditioning

This involves a moisturized treatment option to improve dry and dull hair. For the extra pay, you can use the blow-dry style. The service comes with a standard charge of $45.

Bond repair- this service is used alongside hair colouring services. The treatment is designed to repair damaged hair during colouring; it involves adding a bond multiplier to the colour formula then applying a bond perfector after the hair colouring service. This service fetches a standard price of $25.

Colour lock- this is where the stylist incorporates a smoothing treatment to prevent colours from fading. This service has a standard charge of $45.

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