15 Crazy Catchy Hair & Beauty Salon Slogans

Do you want your business to leave a memorable impression? If yes, then adopting the right salon marketing strategies is one of the most crucial phases for you to go through. Try to remember the last product for which you saw an advertisement….

Are you done thinking? So, what came to your mind? Is it a catchy jingle or a slogan that left a hefty impact on your mind? If yes, then you have probably understood how snappy slogans work to boost up your business.

But, is it that easy to build-up a slogan that is appealing and concise yet explains your services or business’s mission? Nope, not at all. But, why worry? I have brought some of the most captivating beauty and hair salon slogans for you. But before reaching to the list of these slogans, let me first take you into some details regarding why slogans are important for your business.

How Can Catchy Slogans Help In Boosting Your Business?

Building up a strong phrase that can define your business and register it into the minds of people is one of the most important phases of marketing. Wouldn’t you want to tell the people about your services and what makes them stand out? If yes, then there’s no better option other than using crazy and catchy slogans.
Here is how and to what extent an appealing slogan or phrase can help you establish your unique identity.

Defines Your Work:

If you want to attract the world towards your brand or services, the foremost thing that you have to pay attention to is defining your work. Simply inaugurating a brand without explaining its purpose will not help, right? This is the time when you will realize the importance of slogans.
Your business’s slogan acts as the basic tool that will make the people understand your expertise. This is why you have to select a slogan that not only represents your brand but also speaks for it. The prime example of this sort is Wheaties. With a tag line saying “The Breakfast of Champions,” the brand is defining its specialty.


When you are about to start a business or want to upgrade the revenues, working on branding is the first suggestion that you will get from the advertisers. For earning the best recognition amongst the top contenders of the market, the following three things are the most important:

Have you ever noticed the impact that a vibrant and creative logo leaves on your mind? A slogan or a motto works in the exact same way. So, whenever you are deciding upon a slogan to use, be skeptical as it is going to represent your business in the market.

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Increases Face Value:

Do you know about the slogan of Apple Company? The brand uses “Think Different!” as its motto. But why am I mentioning this here? Well, a well-constructed and thought-out slogan helps in increasing the face value of your business or brand. Don’t you think that “Think Different!” does the same for Apple?
So, if you want to give away a trustworthy and reliable impression, selecting the most appealing and well-thought-out tag line will be of great help. Another premium example that I have to mention here is the slogan of M&Ms. The tag line says “Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand.” The instant, reliable feel that it delivers is how a tag line can increase the face value of your brand, product, or service.


Isn’t it difficult to select a brand for the first time? This is due to the fact that you cannot relate to the vibe that it delivers. Can you easily shop from a brand that supports a different culture as its main specialty? No? Why so? This is because you cannot relate to it.

Hence, this is yet another important quality that a catchy slogan can add to your business. When people can easily relate to something, they do not feel hesitant to try it out. In this way, the customers will develop a rather positive feeling towards the business and will feel more comfortable in choosing its services.

Brand-costumer Relation:

Another vital task that a good tag line performs is to lessen the gap between a brand and a customer. If your business succeeds in making a reliable and loyal relationship with the customers, you will notice an incredible boost in your revenues. A loyal customer base can result in a surge of 5.7 times your current revenues.
So, when a person can relate to a tag line, rely on the services because of it, or recall the brand due to it, a relationship is building up. This relation will help you in getting referrals, revenues, recognition, etc.


What comes to your mind after hearing, “I’m lovin’ it.”? McDonald’s it is, right? This is how much impact a tag line can leave. It can undoubtedly make your brand stand out and memorable. Through a catchphrase, you can actually build up a virtual image in the mind of the customers. In this way, the impression will become able to last longer.
The easiness that the people will get in recalling your brand will make it more famous in the market. As a result, your brand will drive more customers towards itself. A pro tip is to keep the slogan as short as possible. You can also make one that rhymes so that it is easy to recall.

Increases Demand:

Doesn’t it feel tempting when you hear KFC’s tag line saying, “Finger Lickin’ Good”? Even writing this now is making me feel hungry. This is how an appealing tagline or motto can help in increasing the demand for your service or product.
When a customer can recall, relate, and feel reliable about a brand because of its slogan, he is likely to opt for the services of that particular brand. So, do remember that using a slogan can act as a backbone for your business.

The Coolest Beauty Salon Slogans:

Beauty salons offer a broad range of services. So, it is important for you, a salon owner, to attract all the clients. If you want a catchy slogan for your beauty salon, choosing an ever-green phrase will help you. You can make up a phrase easily by choosing words that point towards beauty and fashion.
Here are some of the catchiest slogans for beauty salons:

  1. Let’s Make-up!
  2. Be the best version of yourself.
  3. Live the style.
  4. Bloom yourself.
  5. A welcoming change.
  6. Setting new trends.
  7. Shine bright, feel all right.
  8. Beauty comes from within.
  9. Set the standard high.
  10. A fresh new look.
  11. Shine brighter than the stars.
  12. Trust the professionals.
  13. Slay the day.
  14. Style and smile.
  15. Fashion is our passion.

All these ideas can help your business grow into a more successful one. These top 15 slogans will assist you in gaining the attention of clients at an instance. So, select the best one now and advertise your beauty salon like never before.

Catchiest Hair Salon Slogans:

If you are looking for hairdresser slogans, all you have to do is to keep it as trendy as possible. Hair is important in making the frame of a person’s personality. Hair salons offer many hair-related services, including care, extensions, dyes, etc. For representing these services, a slogan that can create an instant image in the mind of the client will work amazingly.
Here is the list of 15 of the most appealing hairdresser slogans you’ll ever find.

  1. A cut, you’ll never regret.
  2. Let your hair slay.
  3. Dye to catch the eye.
  4. Let us ‘dye’ for you.
  5. Your hair, our care.
  6. Why grim when we’re here to trim?
  7. Hair like never before.
  8. We style you right.
  9. Bang with the bangs.
  10. Cut it short.
  11. Let your hair shine brighter.
  12. Flick the stress away.
  13. We serve you layers of joy.
  14. Where hairdressing meets professionalism.
  15. Hair in the air.

All the above-mentioned taglines can work as the best and the catchiest to give your business a sudden boost. Your customers will definitely leave it all on you knowing your professionalism that these slogans are representing.

The Bottom Line:

It is quite obvious that slogans can be the backbones of your business. They are also considered as DNA of a brand. Why so? Well, these phrases hold the code that represents your brand, sets it apart, and brings the customers in. So, going for a timeless slogan that explains your work, builds trust, and represents your expertise is a crucial phase in setting up and opening a successful salon business.

If you a hairdresser or an owner of a beauty salon, selecting the right slogan is extremely crucial. You can attract a wide set of people through some catchy phrases. I am hopeful that the lists mentioned above, including the 15 most attractive tag lines for beauty salons and hair salons, will help you in advertising your business efficiently.

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